Contribute to Democratic Audit

Please email Sean Kippin, Managing Editor at Democratic Audit, if you wish to contribute an article.

We encourage submissions of posts from 500 to 1,200 words long that are communicated in an accessible way. Our remit covers all aspects of Democracy in the UK, constitutional reform, and human and civil rights. Our ‘themes’ can be found here.

All submitted contributions are reviewed speedily by the Blog Team. We will sometimes come back to you and suggest some edits, revisions or possible links to add in, but authors are free to accept these ideas or not. In the hopefully rare cases where the General Editor cannot accept a blog, authors can appeal to our Advisory Board and we will ask two members to adjudicate the issue.

Authors of material relating to overseas countries or international issues should ensure that their blog relates substantively to our remit of UK politics and policy. Our Blog Team above would be happy to advise and help, so you are welcome to propose ideas informally to them.

We are keen to include one or two tables, charts, maps or relevant photographs where possible, but this is not essential.

We also publish ‘In Depth’ articles by recognised leaders in their field. They are typically 3,000 to 4,000 words long and provide a more substantial, evidence-based analysis of key contemporary issues. Often marking the passing of turning points or the final resolution of controversies or conflicts, an In Depth article provides a summation or an overview of broader issues than can be tackled in a normal post.

We normally commission all In Depth articles, so please do not send us unsolicited longer pieces  But if you would like to discuss a potential contribution please contact the editorial team (as above) with a short proposal and we will quickly respond.

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