DA Reports and Publications

The Bradford Earthquake: full report (2012) by Lewis Baston

The Bradford Earthquake: summary (2012) by Lewis Baston

Unelected Oligarchy: First Update (2011) by David Beetham

Unelected Oligarchy: Corporate and Financial Dominance in Britain’s Democracy (2011) by David Beetham

Reforming Political Party Funding in the UK: Lessons from Canada (2011) by Stephen Crone

The Democratic Audit model of new parliamentary boundaries – NOTE ON METHODOLOGY( 2011) by Lewis Baston

Who Governs Merseyside? (2011) by Stuart Wilks-Heeg

All are equal. But some are more equal than others – Is ‘equalisation’ of constituency size really an international norm from which the UK departs? (2011) by Lewis Baston

The Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee inquiry into the constitutional implications of the Cabinet Manual:Written submission from Democratic Audit (2011) by Stuart Wilks-Heeg

The Constitutional Reform Process: Evidence submission to the House of Lords Constitution Committee from Democratic Audit (2011) by Andrew Blick and Stuart Wilks-Heeg

How pressing is the case for further equalisation of constituency electorates? (2010) by Lewis Baston

The New Constituency Map of Britain (2010) by Lewis Baston

How Strong is the Case for Having Fewer MPs? (2010) by Lewis Baston

Cleansing the Augean stables: The parties and the  constitution (2010) by Andrew Blick and Stuart Weir

Constitution Committee Inquiry into ‘Referendums in the UK’s Constitutional Experience – Written submission from Democratic Audit (2010) by Stuart Wilks-Heeg

Projecting the Impact of Reduce and Equalise (2010) by Stuart Wilks-Heeg and Stephen Crone

Funding Political Parties in Great Britain: a Pathway to Reform (2010) by Stuart Wilks-Heeg and Stephen Crone


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