Building Sub-National Government

The UK is, famously, a centralised state in which most of the important political decisions that effect us are taken in Westminster.

Political Parties of all stripes, in Government and Opposition, have spoken about the need to rebuild local Government, and ensure that citizens are empowered to participate in decisions at a community level that might effect them.

The 1997-2010 Labour Government created new regional economic and political structures, but abandoned their plans for regional assemblies, while the 2010-present Conservative/Liberal Democrat Government has introduced a range of new competencies for local Government.

Despite these changes, we remain a centralised polity. Research and articles coming under this ‘theme’ will focus on what needs to be done to make us less so, whether we need a greater presence for sub-national government, and what steps we ought to be taking to get us there is so.

Click here to see all of our blogs which come under the Building Sub-National Government theme.

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